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Sand stone from Sarmathura in Dholpur district of Rajasthan; Granite stone from Lakha village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan are being used extensively in the Central Vista Project to develop both the exterior as well as interior layer of various structures. Usage of the stone as a key construction material is prevalent throughout India, especially in Government offices & institutions.


The New Parliament Building in Central Vista will have extensive usage of wooden structures for creation of interior as well as exterior decor, rooted in traditional motifs and elements.

The wood is being procured from Nagpur and the wooden architecture design is being led by artisans & craftsmen from Mumbai, Maharashtra, promoting authentic wooden craftwork from the State.

The intricate wooden designs are expected to add to the grandeur and majesty of the New Parliament Building.


The New Parliament Building will have hand-knotted carpets from Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh popular for its beautiful hand-knotted carpets, earning it the name of ‘Carpet City’.

Renowned for the “knot-by-knot” technique, the beauty of the design comes from the way the knots are made by craftspersons in an intricate manner, using fingers.

This traditional and renowned craft of ‘knot by knot’ carpet making will add to the grandeur of the new building.

This project will further promote Bhadohi’s unique craft technique across the country, potentially increasing livelihood opportunities for the artisans.


The construction workers on the Central Vista project have been working with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

The workers feel proud in being able to be part of the project of national importance and historic significance.

Strict COVID-19 protocols are being followed on the construction site, along with key COVID-19 compliant arrangements such as regular sanitization, creation of handwashing spots etc.

The entire project has been generating employment opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled as well as unskilled labourers from all parts of the country.